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Bashas’ DIY Egg Carton Spring Garden

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Spring into action with the kiddos! Creating a garden is a simple family activity that is sure to please all. And, have yummy results!

Supplies needed: Bashas’ egg carton, a dozen eggshells, seeds, small spoon, pushpin, potting soil and water.

Step 1: Empty eggshells. Use knife to gently crack along the tops of each egg. Thoroughly wash out each eggshell and dry. (We made delicious scrambled eggs.)

Step 2: Poke holes on the bottoms of each eggshell for better drainage. (hint: it may be easier doing this step while the egg is still whole – less fragile than empty shells.)

Step 3: Place seeds in separate containers.

Step 4: Using a small spoon, fill eggshell halfway with potting soil.

Step 5: Place seeds in eggshell. Kids love to help!

Step 6: Cover seeds with more potting soil and place in egg carton.

Step 7: Repeat 11 times.

Step 8: Create labels for each variety of seeds. We chose to use bamboo skewers left over from a party.

Step 9: Add water to each eggshell. We used about 3-4 spoonfuls to moisten the soil.

Place egg carton on a windowsill or outside so it gets plenty of sunlight. Be sure to water regularly (Keep moist but do not over water). Depending on variety, seedlings should start to sprout in 3-10 days.

We are thrilled to see our first sprout just after 3 days!

Basil was the first to sprout but the tomatoes are growing the fastest.

Carrots are finally sprouting.

Your mini garden will need more room. Place the egg shells and veggies/herbs into a larger pot with more soil. Happy gardening!