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Bashas' Egg-cellent Carton Creation Contest

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We've partnered again with Arizona's hometown grocer, Bashas' Supermarkets to celebrate their new cage-free egg offerings now in earth-friendly cartons!  

From April 5-30, Bashas' is launching "EGG-CELLENT CARTON CREATION CONTEST." Egg lovers ages 3 to 10 are encouraged to unleash their boundless imaginations by transforming Bashas’ cage-free egg cartons into eclectic pieces of art or cool inventions for a chance to win a gift basket containing a dozen kid-friendly products, including a family four-pack to Wet ‘n’ Wild waterpark, along with a $150 Bashas’ gift card. In addition, the winner will also be named Bashas’ Carton Creation Eggs-pert and have their creation profiled on Bashas’ website and social media channels. A winner will be named on May 12, exactly a dozen days into National Egg Month.

How: Parents of kids ages 3 to 10 are invited to submit a photo of their child holding his/her egg carton creation, along with a no-more-than-100-word description of the art piece or invention via email at creativecartons@bashas.com.

Once the contest closes, a panel of judges will select a dozen finalists and help to name the winning creation, which will be announced on May 12, 2017.

Where: To enter, parents who are Arizona residents of children ages 3 to 10 must submit a photo and brief write-up via email to: creativecartons@bashas.com.

When: Submissions will be accepted now until 11:59 p.m. MST on April 30, 2017.

To help get kids' creative juices flowing, we put together some of these craft ideas found on Pinterest. For more inspiration, follow our Pinterest boards here.

DIY Egg Carton Roses

Supplies needed:
1. Bashas' cage-free, earth-friendly carton
2. Paints and paint brush
3. Hot glue gun or regular glue (hot glue dries faster)

Instructions: This is much easier than the end result looks. I promise.
1. Tear two individual egg cups to make one rose. The center of each flower is the bottom of the egg cup.
2. Tear 4 equal petal shapes out of each egg cup. Tell the kids they don't have to be perfect. They look more organic and natural that way.
3. To make the center rose petals, tear a long strip from the lid of the carton and roll up. Then release, letting it open naturally, like below.
4. Next, make the leaves.

5. Take two flower shapes and lay one on top of the other. Then, stagger the petals. Once you're happy with the way they look, glue. Next, take the loosely rolled strip and glue one end to the center of the rose (see below). And lastly, attach the leaf.

6. Once the glue has dried completely, you are ready to paint!

We were so thrilled with the end result. We're definitely going to be making more of these. Wouldn't these make a beautiful centerpiece for the Easter table?!

DIY Egg Carton Whale

Supplies needed:
1. Bashas' cage-free, earth-friendly carton(s)
2. Paints and paint brush
3. Hot glue gun or regular glue
4. Googly eyes (or you could just use a black Sharpie pen)
5. Blue construction paper
6. Blue pipe cleaner
7. Scissors

1. Cut out one egg cup.
2. Paint egg cup blue.
3. Once paint has completely dried, apply googly eyes or draw eyes and mouth.

4. Cut a whale tail shape out of the blue construction paper. Glue to base of egg cup.
5. Curl one end of each pipe cleaner. Cut a slit on the top of the egg cup and insert pipe cleaners. 

You're done!

DIY Egg Carton Mushroom

Supplies needed:
1. Bashas' cage-free, earth-friendly carton(s)
2. Paints and paint brush
3. Hot glue gun or regular glue
4. Scissors

1. Cut individual cups for the tops of the mushroom.
2. Cut pointy, egg-divider part of carton for the stems.
3. Paint tops red. We painted our bases a shimmery white color. (Note: you don't have to paint them if you don't want to because the cartons are already a mushroom color.
3. Glue tops to stems.
4. Once the paint has completely dried, apply dots. (You can cut dots out of the egg carton or use a circular hole punch and white paper.)

This is a great Spring craft for Easter or Earth Day!

Enter today and good luck to all. Happy crafting!!!