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Bee Mine Kindergarten Craft

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Busy little imaginations. More classroom fun!

Today we're putting together an adorable classroom craft the kindergarteners are gonna LOVE to do for their Valentine's Day party.

Supplies you'll need:
Clean empty milk cartons, black pipe cleaners, red construction paper, and our Bee stickers.

1. Collect empty milk carton containers from the cafeteria. Be sure to rinse out thoroughly and let dry completely.

2. Have each child trace his/her hand on red construction paper and cut out. This will make each bee custom and personalized.

3. Apply all four Bee stickers (front, back and two sides). Just crack and peel.

4. Punch a hole at the top of the milk carton and thread black pipe cleaner through. Twist once at the base and then twist the ends of the antennas.

5. Then tape or glue the cut hand prints to make the wings.

6. Now it's time to reward the busy little bees with a LOVE cookie.


Teachers if you have any questions please email us at info@boxplayforkids.com.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!