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Degas Inspired Sculpture Project for Kids

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                                                                                                                               Edgar Degas, Dancers in Blue

Our daughter's school has a wonderful program called Art Masterpiece. Each year all the grades are exposed to 6 different art themes. I volunteered to present Edgar Degas: Painter and Sculptor to the 2nd graders. After the presentation, the class worked on an art project inspired by one of Degas' favorite subject matters - the ballerina. The kids love the hands-on project because it helps bring the presentation to life.

Here's how we prepped the project:

I chose an unsealed white tile so I could create a rubber stamp of Degas' signature. This provided a nice base and a clear identifier for the art project.

Classroom instructions:

Give each student a piece of aluminum wire and a cupcake liner.

Step 1:
Carefully take the copper aluminum wire and create the shape of a head and extended arm.(Pre-cut to roughly 26 inches.)

Step 2:
With the other end of the wire, insert through the bottom of the cupcake liner. 

Step 3:
Glue the inside, top portion of the liner together to keep the "tutu" in place. Continue to form the rest of the ballerina's body, legs and feet by making a "W" shape. The finished sculpture will be anywhere between 4 to 6 inches tall.

Step 4:
Once you get the general shape of a ballerina, have each student create their own gesture/ballet position - arabesque, pliƩ, fourth position, etc.

Step 5:
Then, fold feet out flat so it can adhere to the tile. Glue one or both feet with quick-dry glue or use a hot glue gun.

I think the 2nd graders did an amazing job! Remind them that there is no right or wrong shape. They're all unique and perfectly creative.