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DIY Leprechaun Beard Craft

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Here's a fun St. Patrick's Day craft you can do with your wee ones. We are going to repurpose a paper towell roll and a leftover white cup from our Ice Cream Social Party into a leprechaun beard and hat.


Supplies needed: Empty paper towel roll, green construction paper, orange and green ribbon or string, scissors, hole punch, glue, paint brush and orange paint.

Step 1: Cut paper towel in half lengthwise and then again to open it up. Cut several vertical strips to create a beard shape. Next, cut a mouth opening and punch two holes at each corner for the ribbon.

Step 2: Paint cardboard tube/beard orange and set aside to dry.

Step 3: Next, cut green construction paper into one strip and a circle for the top of the leprechaun hat. Glue paper onto white recycled cup.

Step 4: Punch two holes at the top of the cup for string.

Tip: After orange paint dries on paper towel roll, we wrapped it around a rolling pin to get the beard to re-curl.

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