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Give Yourself Flowers This Mother’s Day

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Here’s an eggceptional Mother’s Day activity courtesy of our very talented friend and paper artist, Kira Naylor. This one takes a little time but you end up with a beautiful bouquet that lasts a heck of a lot longer than the real thing. (Attention husband: This doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for a gift.)

Supplies needed: Recycled egg carton, scissors, green construction paper, watercolor paint, paint brush, florist tape, florist wire, glue, green and purple tissue paper, yellow raffia and a toilet paper roll. (Phew… that’s a lot of stuff.)

Step 1: Begin by cutting the tips of the egg carton first. These will become the bluebell and center portion of the daffodils. Cut out all 12 egg cups.

Step 2: Make 4 daisies by cutting several long skinny petals from the top of an egg cup to the base. Make 2 roses by cutting shorter wavy curves along the tops of 4 egg cups. And, finally, make 2 daffodils by also cutting wavy curves along the tops of 2 egg cups and inset 2 egg tips.

Step 3: Paint cups – pink roses, yellow daffodils, purple bluebell and white and yellow daisies (or whatever colors you love). While the painted rose cups are still wet and pliable, scrunch inside petals in and bend outer petals out so they begin to take on the natural shape of a rose. Allow all the painted cups to dry completely before assembling and gluing.

Step 4: Prep leaves and stems. Cut leaf shapes with a stem on them. Make them all slightly a different size. Hold stem of the leaf and wrap around a piece of florist wire with florist tape about 1/3 down the wire.

Step 5: Glue the rose, daffodil and bluebell petals together.

Step 6: At the very top of the flower stems, create a “swirl-shape” for the flowers to sit on. Glue flowers to stems. We recommend using a glue gun if you have one. We found out the hard way that regular glue takes a super long time to set and can not hold the weight of the flower cups.

Step 7: Cut green tissue paper into long leaf shapes.
(Optional: Cut purple tissue into small 1″ x 2″ rectangles. Twist and shape to create the tendrils for the bluebell. Cut raffia into 3″ strips. Open flat and twist into bow and close in half to make “pod shape” for daffodils.)

Step 8: Arrange bouquet and enjoy all year round. Happy Mother’s Day!!!
(Optional: Decorate and personalize a toilet paper roll as a bouquet holder.)

Kira has an Etsy store if you’d like to check out more of her amazing work.