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Nothing says Spring like the sound of birds singing. Here’s a simple DIY craft you can do with the kiddos. Transform a carton into the sweetest little birdfeeder ever!

Supplies needed: Carton, Box Play for Kids Pink House sticker set, hot glue gun, utility knife, string, paper plate
and wild bird seed.

Step 1:
Thoroughly rinse out and dry carton. Then apply Pink House stickers.

Step 2:
Cut out front door. (Be sure an adult does this part.)

Step 3:
Use hot glue to attach the carton to a paper plate. (Again, an adult should do this part.) We had a black plate
left over from a party so that’s what we used. The lip on the plate keeps seeds from rolling off. And, according to our local pet expert, birds love to perch on the plate.

Step 4: 

Create a hole at the top of the carton and
insert string for hanging.

Step 5: 

Place bird seed on plate and inside Pink House carton.

Step 6: 

Find the perfect tree in your yard and hang
the DIY repurposed carton birdfeeder.

It only took a few minutes before sweet little yellow birds were flocking to our Pink House! And the pet expert was right, they do love to perch on the plate.