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creative play

Our mission is to promote creative play that stimulates curiosity, enthusiasm and learning in kids.


Creative Play | PBS.org (click to read more)
One of the most important types of creative activity for young children is creative play. Creative play is expressed when children use familiar materials in a new or unusual way, and when children engage in role-playing and imaginative play. Nothing reinforces the creative spirit and nourishes a child's soul more than providing large blocks of time to engage in spontaneous, self-directed play throughout the day. Play is the serious business of young children and the opportunity to play freely is vital to their healthy development.

The Importance of Pretend Play - Scholastic.com  (click to read more)
Encourage your child to use her imagination — it’s not just fun, but builds learning skills too!

Why Creative Play Matters - Education.com (click to read more)
Experts are now acknowledging that the loss of creative childhood play is having some negative consequences. Creative play develops imagination and creativity – tools which are now recognized as important down the road in higher levels of math and science – as well as intellectual, social and emotional development.